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40 million people in the U.S. have a condition called nocturia. It causes you to wake up to pee multiple times a night. No big deal, right?

Wrong. It can lead to devastating health effects, from depression and obesity to cardiovascular disease and fractures.

Sadly, not many people know about nocturia, and when they do, they think it’s less a condition, more a nuisance.

We were tasked by Avadel—a new name in urology—to develop a campaign that changed how doctors thought about nocturia. We had to grab their attention, open doors for the sales force, and reprogram attitudes they'd held for decades.

‘Nature calls’ was born—an integrated campaign that personified the condition as nocturnal animals who love to wake up unsuspecting patients.



Did it work? You bet your ass it did.


By the end of the first month, and supported by banners, paid search, and traditional drivers, the microsite was captivating urologists all over the country. 

  • The campaign reached 90+% of urologists

  • Banner ads outperformed industry CTRs by 60%

  • Paid search CTRs were 362% above industry benchmarks

  • Total engagement rate for the microsite was 30%, with 22% of users consuming the entire site


Copy/Concept - Me

Art/Concept - Jason Capello

CGI - Alice Blue

Photographer - Dan Escobar

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