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Peripheral atherectomies are complicated procedures, and doctors never really know what they're going to encounter. To prepare for anything, they're forced to keep a suite of devices on hand, ramping up cost, complexity, and stress levels. Our client—Angiodynamics—had developed a game-changing device, a single tool with the features to handle whatever complexities arise in-vessel.

The space is saturated with devices all fit for different purposes, but one thing unites them—they all look, feel, and advertise themselves like power tools. We quickly realized that because we were a single tool that could handle anything, we beat them on technology. If we stood out and made a clear, compelling case, we'd win the market.

Instead of a portmanteau of tech words and glamour shots of the device, we developed a brand and campaign that focused on a promise to doctors: no matter what you encounter, Auryon is the one tool you need.

We partnered with Illusion CGI to deliver the first in a series of hero visuals that led our tactics, immediately paying off the promise of Auryon the second a physician interacts with our campaign. We personified lesions as monsters that hide in the vessel, each focused on a different issue, ranging from stubbornness to complexity. In doing so, we immediately put daylight between ourselves and the competition.

Sales doubled Q over Q immediately following creative launch.






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